The GoSmart Prepaid MasterCard ®

Providing the freedom
to do what you want, when you want with your money.

How it Works

Store Locations

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  • charge

    You're In Charge

    Spend only what you
    add to the card.

  • control


    Check your balance
    or transcations using
    free text message alerts,
    free website access or
    ATMs for a fee.

  • security


    Have piece of mind.
    Debit cards are much
    safer than carrying
    cash in your wallet.

  • flexibility


    Shop where you want...
    your favorite store, online
    or by phone. Use it
    everywhere MasterCard®
    Debit is accepted.

  • convenience


    Access your cash anytime, night or
    day at millions of
    ATMs worldwide.

  • 1

    Visit any participating check cashing center offering the GoSmart™ Prepaid MasterCard®.

    Find a location now >
  • 2

    Sign up for a GoSmart Prepaid MasterCard® and make an initial
    cash load.

  • 3

    Sign your name
    in the signature
    panel on the back
    of the card.

  • 4

    Use and reload funds
    to your card to shop
    locally, online, by
    phone or get cash
    from an ATM.

  • 5

    Manage your
    account, check your
    balance, enroll for
    text alerts and more.

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  • You can even set up to have your paycheck or benefits payments deposited directly to your card.

    No more waiting for check to arrive...

  • Direct Deposit is the easiest way to make sure your card has available funds and
    is ready to use.

    Download Direct Deposit Form to enroll:

    Paycheck or state and local government benefits. Simply download and
    print form from button below, fill in the deposit amount, sign it and give it to
    your employer or benefits office. It's that simple!


    Federal government benefits. After downloading the Direct Deposit form,
    go to, choose the option for checking account and follow the
    instructions. You will need to provide the routing number and account number
    showing on the form.


    Tax Refund. Download and print the form, complete and give to your tax
    preparer. If you are doing your own taxes, please review our FAQs.

    Please check with your employer or benefit provider to see if they can
    support direct deposit. It may take one or two pay periods for direct
    deposit to take effect.

    Download the Form

    Act Now and get a

    $20 Bonus

    + Personalized Card
    for NO CHARGE!

    It’s as Easy as 1-2-3!

    Get your prefilled enrollment form by logging onto the card site HERE and using the Quick Links for Direct Deposit Setup.


    For federal benefits, visit
    to enroll your card. For payroll, state or
    local benefits, just take completed form
    to your employer or benefits office.


    When you receive your first direct
    deposit to your card, notify us and we
    will process your Bonus and
    Personalized Card order.

    Claim Bonus